Text Widgets

The text widget is perhaps the most widely used widget for WordPress. The text widget is incredibly versatile and can be used for something as simple as adding some static text to your sidebar or adding an html code snippet for a badge, etc. SiteControl comes pre-loaded with several commonly used badges for widely used CU-related resources: our CU*Secure link badge, It’s Me 247 login badge, etc. However, our web services and marketing teams are constantly putting together new badges for promos, specials, new features, etc. Some of these badges may not always get made into widgets right away, if ever. However, for every badge we make, we’ll always have a snippet available on our web services site at ws.wesconet.com.

Should you want to add a new badge that we’ve yet to “widget-ize” to your site, simply copy the code snippet and paste it into a text widget. The badges are always 125 x 125 pixels and all WESCONet Web Services-designed themes have sidebars specifically designed to handle standard sized badges.