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This is the home page. When you go to Page -> Edit, you will find a list of all pages on your site (even those that aren’t published yet but merely saved as a draft). From here you can select any page and edit it. When you edit the “Home” page, this is the area that you will be editing.

A Shorter Post

This is a short post. Notice how it doesn’t look good if its not as long as the others. Try to match post lengths to each other. A one-line title > a two line title as well.

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News Item

This is another news item. You can put teaser text, graphics, etc in this space. In the editor, you can place the “Read More” Tag anywhere in your post. The text above the “Read More” tag will appear here. The full post is viewable by either clicking the “Read More” link or clicking the post’s title.

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Chuck Norris


The image to the left is also part of this post. This page template will automatically grab the two most recent posts from the “Features” category and place them here.

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A Sample Features Post

This area is part of a page template called “Home.” The only page that uses this template is the home page. You can use a page template on any page by selecting one when you are editing a page.Simply select a template from the drop down at the right when you are on the “edit page” screen.

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